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Welcome to my EMDR Consulting blog!  This blog, along with my web site www.emdrconsulting.com, is designed to ‘Help you help others by improving your EMDR skills.  Through all my years of participating in various EMDR trainings, 1997 through 2013, it has always been my goal to help clinicians integrate EMDR into their own clinical practices.  My hope is that EMDR Consulting will further that goal by providing a variety of learning opportunities for you, the EMDR clinician.

Basic Training:  My manual for EMDR Basic Training has just been approved by EMDRIA.  I believe it is ‘cutting edge,’ as I do not believe that EMDR Basic Training has to be basic!  My training expands knowledge and practice in almost all of the 8 phases and 3 prongs!  I plan to recruit and train local EMDRIA Approved Consultants to host and coach during the training, and to provide basic training consultations to those in their community – truly a ‘“grassroots approach.

Certification: In helping the already-trained EMDR clinician further his/her EMDR career, I will be adding many of my own materials (video downloads, handouts, etc.) to my consultation process. This will help you become Certified in EMDR or as an Approved Consultant, all at an affordable price.

Downloads:  All my worksheets will be available to the EMDR community at no charge. These include case conceptualization, resourcing, and processing materials.

EMDR Forum: Having over a decade of moderating an international Internet forum, it feels as though it is in my DNA!  As such, I will be hosting and moderating an EMDR forum that is open to all those having started their EMDR training, regardless of their training provider.  Discussion will be focused on EMDR and open to all providers and EMDR workshop presenters, and can address any materials, products, or announcements that further the advancement of EMDR.

I am extremely excited about this giant step in my professional EMDR career, as it allows me to continue my mission of helping you help others!  Please visit my web site www.emdrconsulting.com, or contact me directly at roykiessling@me.com for more information about the topics listed above. I hope you will find my site to be a constant resource for you in improving your EMDR skills, and as such, suggestions are always welcome.

EMDRIA Approved Trainer
EMDRIA Approved Workshop Provider
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