Picking an EMDR Training Course?

Are all EMDR training courses the same?

Yes and no.


  • Here in the United States, EMDR Trainings must be approved by EMDR’s governing body, EMDRIA: www.emdria.org
  • EMDRIA sets minimum standards of what materials need to be presented in an EMDR Training Course.


  • EMDR Consulting is approved by EMDRIA and exceeds EMDRIA’s minimum standards, which we consider an update of the original procedures.
Who developed EMDR Consulting’s EMDR Training Course “Integrating EMDR into your Clinical Practice”?

Roy Kiessling is the founder of EMDR Consulting and the primary developer of our training course.

How did Roy develop EMDR Consulting’s EMDR Training Course?
  • Roy was extensively involved in Shapiro’s EMDR trainings: first as a practice facilitator (1997), then a trainer for her humanitarian program (2001), and eventually her training institute (2005).
  • From 2001-2012, Roy participated in well over 200 trainings. Over the course of these trainings, he became aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the training materials.
  • In January of 2013, he resigned from Shapiro’s organizations and submitted his own training course for EMDRIA’s approval.
  • In June of 2013, EMDR Consulting’s EMDR Training Course became EMDRIA approved.
What should I look for in a training?


What is the cost and does it include all the required components?

  • EMDRIA approved course involves lecture, practice, and consultation.
  • EMDR Consulting’s Training fees include all three components:
    • Many trainings do not include the cost of the required consultation.
    • Fees for the 10 hours of required consultation may be an additional cost of $250, $400 or more. EMDR Consulting’s fees are all inclusive.

Philosophical Approach

Does the training integrate EMDR into YOUR practice or strive to have YOU integrate into EMDR practice?

  • EMDR Consulting’s EMDR Training Course integrates EMDR into YOUR practice.
  • We see EMDR as one of many treatment tools available to you, the clinician, to help the client reach their treatment goals.
  • The percentage of EMDR used in treatment will depend upon the client’s needs and the complexity of their presenting issues.


EMDR Consulting’s EMDR Training Course emphasizes clinical experience, judgement, and flexibility.

While there are basic procedures, they form the foundation for clinical interventions.

Example, Learning to play a musical instrument:

  1. We learn techniques
  2. We then learn to play notes
  3. Over time, we evolve into playing music – the intuitive interpretation of the material

EMDR treatment replicates this:

  1. Learning techniques
  2. Becoming familiar with the process
  3. The intuitive interpretation of what is happening, what is needed, and how to facilitate that is interwoven with all of your clinical skills

Training Materials

What training materials are used?

EMDR Consulting follows a learning approach of:

  • Hear it: Lecture using a PowerPoint of the training presentation
  • See It: Over 40 training videos supporting the materials being presented
  • Do It: Practice Sessions
    • EMDR Consulting sets up practice sessions using dyads so that participants get a full sense of how to use EMDR in your clinical practice.
    • Many trainings work with triads – with an observer watching the client/clinician discuss and process their issues.

Community Support

Will there be local coaches to help me between and after the training?

EMDR Consulting strives to have local coaches support your learning.

Follow-Up Support

Is there any additional follow-up support?

EMDR Consulting supports you:

  • Before
    • You will receive the link and password to our Participant’s Page.
    • An overview PDF file of EMDR’s techniques
    • An overview video of EMDR’s techniques
  • During (between Part 1 and Part 2)
    • PDF files of Part 1 worksheets
    • Videos of the Part 1 training itself
  • After
    • PDF files of manual and worksheets
    • Video of the entire training
    • Supportive videos expanding other aspects of EMDR
If I take an EMDR Consulting EMDR Training Course, Part 1, can I take a training from another training provider?

Maybe, maybe not. We can’t answer that as the decision would be up to the other training provider.

What’s different about EMDR Consulting’s training course–aren’t all trainings EMDRIA approved?

While all EMDR trainings approved by EMDRIA teach the basic techniques of EMDR as originally developed by Shapiro, EMDR Consulting considers our training the “next generation,” i.e., updates to the basic procedures that have been learned since 1995.

EMDR Consulting’s EMDR Training Course updates the basic techniques to include:

Extensive Resourcing Skills

  • Grounding skills
  • Stabilization skills
  • Behavior skills

Target Sequence Plans

  • Outlines of negative and positive experiences

Core Felt Beliefs (as a way to understand client presentations and identify neural networks that need processing)

  • Processing neural networks, usually verbalized by core felt beliefs

The Processing Continuum (essentially a variable speed application of eye movements and other forms of bilateral stimulation)

  • EMD – very restricted processing experience – keeping the client locked on one incident
  • EMDr – a contained processing experience – allowing the client to process one area of concern – while not opening up their other life experiences
  • EMDR – totally unrestricted processing where anything within a negative neural network may spontaneously emerge during eye movements/bilateral stimulation

If you would like a detail description of what EMDR Consulting’s EMDR Training Course, visit Dare to Compare.


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