Gainesville, FL | EMDR Training: Integrating EMDR into your Clinical Practice, 5-Day Intensive

April 8-12, 2019

5-Day Intensive Training Objectives:

After attending the training, participants will be able to:

  • List EMDR’s 8 phase and 3 prongs
  • Discuss the AIP approach to psychotherapy
  • Apply extended resourcing interventions
  • Construct a belief focused targeting plan
  • Describe the application of The Processing ContinuumTM
  • List 5 EMDR specific targeting plan approaches
  • Develop resourcing skills to assist EMDR processing
  • Demonstrate EMDR’s unrestricted processing
  • Discuss the use of clinical interventions during processing
  • Compare and contrast EMDR standard protocols and procedures with the integrative approach

Participants must complete the entire EMDR training course and 10 hours of group consultation within 24 months (2 years) from their initial start date. Please consider this deadline when registering for the training.

Trainer: Jean Hawks, Ph.D.

Jean is currently working in private practice near Jackson, Mississippi and specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders, PTSD, and complex PTSD, including dissociation disorders. Over the past ten years, Jean has been active in increasing training available in Mississippi. She has been the EMDRIA Regional Coordinator for fifteen years and has served on the EMDRIA Standards and Training committee for eight years. In 2014, she joined Roy Kiessling at EMDR Consulting.

Prior to moving to Mississippi to obtain her doctoral degree, Jean founded an outpatient alcohol and substance abuse program in Western New York where she was the clinical director for ten years. She has additional clinical experience in a diverse range of settings, including being the clinical director for a large community mental health services agency, working at two inpatient state mental health hospitals in New York, and providing services at the Veterans Administration Hospital in New Orleans Louisiana.

Jean’s foremost goal at this point in her career is sharing with others earlier in their career what she has learned during the last twenty years of using EMDR. Incorporating EMDR in her clinical work has been the most effective and rewarding work she could have ever imagined doing. By providing training and consultation to others learning EMDR, she believes she will impact the most people possible.

EMDR Consulting is an EMDRIA Approved training provider, and therefore, this training is EMDRIA Approved.

EMDR Consulting, founded in Cincinnati by director Roy Kiessling, is listed under the state of Ohio on EMDRIA’s list of Approved Training Providers.

Parts 1 and 2 (includes the required 10 hours of group consultation): $1395.00

Parts 1 and 2 for Non-Profit/Community Mental Health/Interns (includes the required 10 hours of group consultation): $995.00

Fee includes:

  1. All-in-one training manual (Parts 1 and 2)
  2. A video link of the entire training (Parts 1 and 2)
  3. 10 hours of group consultation (required as part of the EMDR Training Course)
  4. Free downloadable audio and/or videos files of additional EMDR presentations
  5. Free membership to EMDR Consulting’s Clinician Listserv

Already trained in EMDR and seeking a refresher?

If you have already completed an EMDR training course, you will still find our training to be beneficial. In addition to teaching the basics, our course teaches:

  1. 6 different approaches to case conceptualization
  2. The Belief Schema approach to case conceptualization
  3. 6 different resource strategies and how to ‘extend’ them into the client’s daily life
  4. The Processing ContinuumTM (EMD, EMDr, EMDR)
  5. And much more because our EMDR training is not just about the basics!

(If trained before 2006, EMDR CEs may be available. For more information, contact EMDRIA at

Refresher course:

Parts 1 and 2: $495.00

Parts 1 and 2 for Non-profit/Community Mental Health/Intern: $395.00

Refresher course does not include any consultation hours.

Group consultation hours may be purchased for $25 per hour.

Individual consultation hours may be purchased for $75 per hour.

EMDR Consulting realizes that becoming trained in EMDR is a significant commitment in time, energy, and money. For that reason, in addition to being one of the most affordable EMDR training course offered in the country, we also offer payment plans for those who prefer to spread out the cost:

$1395.00 – select the $280/5 month option

$995.00 – select the $200/5 month option

Payments begin upon registration and are automatically deducted on the same day each month. The payment plan includes a one-time $5 service and handling fee. Please scroll down to the bottom of this course event page and select the payment plan that applies to you.

If you have a special payment plan request, please email to arrange a plan suited for your needs.

By utilizing and authorizing the payment plan option, the registrant understands that fees must be paid in full before a Certificate of Completion will be issued.

Should the payment plan be cancelled for any reason, the registrant will be held responsible for aspects of the program that have been completed.

Licensed Mental Health Professionals

  • Qualifying Medical Doctors must be licensed to practice in their state or province.
  • Qualifying Advanced Practice Registered Nurses must have a Master of Science in Nursing (or higher) with a specialization in psychiatric mental health nursing and must be licensed to practice through their state board or province.
  • Qualifying Mental Health Clinicians must have a Master’s Degree in the mental health field (Counseling, Marriage Family Therapy, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Social Work) or related mental health discipline and be licensed to practice through their state board or province.

Pre-Licensed Mental Health Professionals

  • These are clinicians who are actively pursuing a mental health license through their state board (or province) while working under a licensed supervisor. Some of these license types may include: associate, intern, limited, provisional, temporary, and pre-license.
  • Qualifying Pre-Licensed Mental Health Clinicians must have a Master’s Degree in the mental health field (Counseling, Marriage Family Therapy, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Social Work) or related mental health discipline and must be actively pursuing a full license through their state board (or province) while working under a licensed supervisor.
  • In order to verify their eligibility, clinicians must submit their graduate transcript, practicum or internship details, and a letter from their supervisor which includes the supervisor’s license information and number to either prior to or during the training registration process.

Graduate Students

  • Qualifying graduate students must be enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral program in the mental health field (Counseling, Marriage Family Therapy, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, Psychiatric Nursing, Social Work) or related mental health discipline. Students must have completed their core graduate academic coursework and must be in the practicum/internship portion of their graduate program. First year graduate students are not eligible. Graduate students must be on a licensing track and working under the supervision of a fully licensed mental health clinician.
  • Graduate students who would like to take an EMDR Training will need to submit certain documentation (graduate transcript, practicum or internship details, and a letter from their supervisor which includes the supervisor’s license information and number) in order to verify their eligibility. Students do not need to provide EMDRIA with any documentation unless specifically asked to do so by EMDRIA staff. Please email any documentation that needs to be submitted to either prior to or during the training registration process.

Additional Questions?
Please read EMDRIA’s EMDR Training FAQ for assistance by clicking here.

Canadian Training Eligibility Requirements
  • Minimum of a Master’s Degree in psychology, social work, or counselling.
  • Membership in a professional association that has a written code of ethics and standards of practice.
  • Professional liability insurance.

Canadian Graduate Students/Interns

  • Completion of graduate level course work.
  • On a track to become a fully registered social work, psychology, or psychotherapy/counselling professional.
  • Under the supervision of a fully registered Master’s level or higher social work, psychology, or psychotherapy/counselling professional.
  • Must submit a letter from their supervisor, which includes the supervisor’s degree and professional license number, to either prior to or during the training registration process.

Additional Questions regarding Canadian eligibility?
Please contact EMDR Canada for further clarification at

10 hours of consultation is required as part of the EMDRIA approved basic training. EMDR Consulting has included the cost of these 10 hours of consultation as part of your basic training registration fee.

Not all training organizations clearly disclose whether the cost of the required 10 hours of consultation is part of their basic training registration fee. The 10 hours of consultation may add anywhere from $250-$1000 to your basic training cost! EMDR Consulting suggests you compare before you commit. Learn more about what we offer that exceeds ‘the basics’ by checking our ‘Dare-to-Compare table.’

EMDR Consulting’s consultation fee is calculated at $25 per hour, one of the lowest in the EMDR training industry. Therefore, $250 (i.e., 10 hours @ $25/hour) of your registration fee is earmarked for your consultation. With each consultation session you use, $25 is deducted from your $250 consultation escrow account.

Scheduling your consultation:

While it is up to you to utilize the hours of consultation to your best advantage, we suggest scheduling some of your hours between Part 1 and Part 2 of our basic training. We typically do not offer consultation during the actual training; your days are long enough!

The question that is often asked: “What if I don’t have clients, can I still have consultation and complete my basic training?”

While having experience using EMDR with clients is ideal, some participants may be in situations where that is not possible. Consultation is still valuable and would still apply toward completing the basic training course.

Face-to-face local consultation:

EMDR Consulting does its best to have coaches available in your local area so you can have the opportunity for face-to-face consultation. Local coaches often have sign-up sheets available so you can schedule your consultation before you leave the training.

Conference-call consultation:

If you are unable to make the local coach’s face-to-face consultation sessions, group telephone consultation is also available. Roy offers group conference-call consultation on Monday and Wednesday, 11am, 12 noon, and 1pm (Eastern Standard Time). Contact Roy to reserve your spot on these calls, indicating the dates and times you’d like to participate. Your date and time will be confirmed along with a toll-free number to call. No more than four participants will be scheduled for any time slot.

Consultation Cancellation Policy:

EMDR Consulting’s coaches have agreed to set aside time from their clinical practice to provide your consultation, often for less than their rate for a clinical session. In respect for their commitment to help you integrate EMDR into your clinical practice, it is EMDR Consulting’s policy to charge your account $25 for no shows or late cancellations. To make up a missed consultation session, you will need to make arrangements to pay for that session out-of-pocket.

Completing your consultation:

Completing your consultation is an individual process; however, please note that you will not receive your Certification of Basic Training Completion until you have completed both parts of the training and the 10 hours of consultation. We strongly suggest you schedule your consultation on a weekly basis.

Once you have completed an EMDR Training, you are considered an EMDR trained clinician. EMDRIA Certification in EMDR requires additional levels of continuing education and consultation in EMDR and is a separate process. To become certified, one must:

  • Be fully trained in an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Training course
  • Be licensed or certified in their profession with a minimum of two years’ experience in their field
  • Complete an additional 20 hours of consultation in EMDR by an Approved Consultant
  • Conduct a minimum of 50 clinical sessions with at least 25 different clients in which EMDR is utilized
  • Complete 12 hours of continuing education in EMDR every two years

Please visit for more information about certification.



EMDR Consulting, LLC has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6853. EMDR Consulting, LLC is solely responsible for all aspects of this program.

Continuing Education credit for this program is also awarded by is approved by:

  • The American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. maintains responsibility for this program and its content.
  • Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB):, provider #1142, is approved as a provider for social work continuing education by the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB),, through the Approved Continuing Education (ACE) program. maintains responsibility for the program. ASWB Approval Period: 1/5/2017-1/5/2020. Social workers should contact their regulatory board to determine course approval.
  • The Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling Provider #852 BAP-Expires 3/31/2019
  • California BBS: is approved to provide continuing education by the following professional organizations: ASWB and APA. The California Board of Behavioral Sciences, BBS, recognizes relevant course work/training that has been approved by these nationally recognized certifying bodies to satisfy renewal requirements.
  • The California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (CAADAC) Provider Number OS-12-174-1116 Expires 11-2018
  • The Texas Board of Social Work Examiners, Continuing Education Provider – 5674 expires 4/30/2019.
  • The Texas Board of Professional Counselors, Continuing Education Provider – 1622 expires 2/28/2019.
  • Massachusetts Authorization Number: 1380
  • Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage and Family Therapist Board – Provider # RCST031201 Expires 5/31/2019
  • The Florida Board of Nursing (CE Provider #: 50-4896) Expires 10/31/2018. Do not send certificates to the Florida Board of Nursing. You must keep this certificate for 4 years.
  • The California Board of Registered Nursing. CEP 15647 Expires 11/30/2018
  • New York Social Work Board NYSED Provider #120

Participants will receive 40 hours of continuing education credit upon completing this 5-Day intensive program. Attendance for the entirety of the 5-Day intensive is required to receive CE credits. No partial credit will be awarded.

NBCC Certificates of Attendance containing CE information or CE-Classes’ CE Instructions to obtain CEs will be issued upon receipt of the course evaluation and final sign-out at the conclusion of the training.

Concerning EMDRIA Credits for refresher registrations:
Clinicians may use a repeat of the basic training in lieu of EMDRIA Credits on a one time basis towards their EMDRIA Certification or Approved Consultant renewal. EMDRIA does not allow repeated training in lieu of the EMDRIA Credits for initial Certification or AC applicants.

Cancellation Policy for Scheduled Trainings:

  • Minimum Attendance Requirement: EMDR Consulting reserves the right to cancel any training 10 days prior to the first day of the scheduled training if it does not meet its minimum attendance requirement of 10 participants.
  • Unforeseen Events: EMDR Consulting reserves the right to cancel any training up to 24 hours before the first day of the scheduled training if something occurs beyond EMDR Consulting’s control, i.e., weather, national disaster, sudden illness, or death of a relation to the scheduled trainer.
  • Refund: In the event EMDR Consulting cancels a training, participants will receive 100% of their registration fee as a credit to their credit card or a check.

Participant Cancellation Policy:

  • Participants may cancel their registration up to 24 hours prior to the first day of the scheduled training.
  • Cancellations shall be requested in writing directed to either Roy Kiessling, LISW, Director, or Karen Beebe, Administrative Assistant.
  • Participants will receive a full refund of their registration fee.

EMDR Training Courses are held in facilities that are in accordance with the American Disabilities Act. Please contact to request special accommodations for disability (ADA).

EMDR Consulting is fully committed to conducting all activities in strict conformation with the APA, ASWB, NASW, NBCC, and EMDRIA grievance procedures.

During a training event, the trainer responsible for conducting the training has EMDR Consulting’s authority to address any concerns that arise during the actual training. Every effort will be made to address the concerns during the training to include changing practice partners, addressing staff issues, etc.

If the trainer is unable to address the participant’s concerns, the complaints and grievances shall be presented in writing to Roy Kiessling, LISW, Director, EMDR Consulting, LLC.

Social Workers: Should social workers have a specific grievance, these grievances will be addressed by Roy Kiessling, LISW. In situations where the social worker would have a conflict of interest, then, Crystal Whitlow, LCSW, a social worker grievance consultant for EMDR Consulting, has been given the final authority to resolve any grievances between participants and Roy Kiessling, LISW.

EMDR Consulting’s approach in resolving grievances is always from the perspective of what is in the best interest of the participant.

All complaints and grievances are reviewed within 5 working days. Formal grievances are required to be written and emailed to (or, for social workers in situations of a conflict of interest, and will be responded to within 10 business days.

Daily Schedule and Itinerary

5-Day Intensive - Day 1

Monday April 8, 2019

- Schedule -

7:30–8:00 – Registration
8:00–9:30 – EMDR Overview
9:30–9:45 – Break
9:45–10:45 – Phase 2: Stabilization
10:45–11:45 – Practicum #1: Stabilization
11:45–12:45 – Lunch
12:45–1:45 – Practicum #1: Stabilization (continued)
1:45–3:30 – Phase 1: Target Planning
3:30–3:45 – Break
3:45–5:15 – Practicum #2: Target Planning
5:15–5:30 – Day 1 Wrap-Up

5-Day Intensive - Day 2

Tuesday April 9, 2019

- Schedule -

7:30–8:00 – Registration
8:00–8:15 – Day 1 Review
8:15–9:15 – Processing Phases 3-7 (EMD)
9:15–10:15 – Practicum #3: Processing (EMD)
10:15–10:30 – Break
10:30–11:30 – Practicum #3: Processing (EMD – continued)
11:30–11:45 – Q&A
11:45–12:45 – Lunch
12:45–2:00 – Phases 3-7 (EMDr, EMDR) (continued)
2:00–2:30 – Reevaluation
2:30–2:45 – Break
2:45–4:00 – Working with Children
4:00–5:15 – Crisis Intervention: A-TIP
5:15–5:30 – Day 2 Wrap-Up

5-Day Intensive - Day 3

Wednesday April 10, 2019

- Schedule -

7:30–8:00 – Registration
8:00–8:15 – Day 2 Review
8:15–8:30 – Self-Use
8:30–9:00 – Working with Couples
9:00–10:00 – Target Planning
10:00–10:15 – Break
10:15–11:30 – Targeting Planning
11:30–12:30 – Lunch
12:30–3:15 – Practicum #4: Reevaluation and Target Planning
3:15–3:30 – Break
3:30–5:15 – Advanced Resourcing
5:15–5:30 – Day 3 Wrap-Up

5-Day Intensive - Day 4

Thursday April 11, 2019

- Schedule -

7:30–8:00 – Registration
8:00–8:15 – Day 3 Review
8:15–10:15 – Practicum #5: Advanced Resourcing
10:15–10:30 – Break
10:30–11:30 – Processing Phases 3-7 (EMD, EMDr)
11:30–12:30 – Lunch
12:30–3:00 – Processing: EMDR
3:00–3:15 – Break
3:15–5:15 – Practicum #6: EMDR Processing
5:15–5:30 – Day 4 Wrap-up

5-Day Intensive - Day 5

Friday April 12, 2019

- Schedule -

7:30–8:00 – Registration
8:00–8:15 – Day 4 Review
8:15–9:00 – Reevaluation
9:00–10:00 – Practicum #7: Reevaluation
10:00–10:15 – Break
10:15–11:15 – Reevaluation
11:15–11:30 – Q&A
11:30–12:30 – Lunch
12:30–1:15 – EMDR and Grief
1:15–2:00 – EMDR and Phobias
2:00–2:45 – EMDR and Addictions
2:45–3:00 – Break
3:00–3:45 – EMDR and Pain
3:45–4:45 – EMDR and Dissociation
4:45–5:15 – The EMDR Community: Consultation; EMDRIA; Certification
5:15–5:30 – Wrap-Up; Evaluations

Training Location

Holiday Inn University Center Gainesville

1250 W University Avenue
Gainesville, FL 32601

Phone: 352-376-1661

To book a room, please click here.

  1. When the booking screen opens, please enter arrival and departure dates.
  2. Also select the More Options button to ensure the group code is listed (EMD).
  3. Then proceed with the reservation. If you have any questions, Lily Deciderio at Holiday Inn will be happy to assist!
  4. The group has up to and including Friday, March 11, 2019 to make their reservations. If you need additional time, please contact the hotel.
  5. Also, if you want to call the hotel directly and book via phone, you may call 352-376-1661 and ask for the group booking code: EMD
View hotels for this location

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Please keep track of your receipt after you register. The receipt contains a link and a password to our Participant\\\’s Page. Please review this page before attending the training.

DISCLAIMER: If your card is declined, please call your card issuing bank before you try again. Also, check the following: 1) are you using the correct billing address for the card you\\\’re providing?; 2) does your card have a limit?; and 3) ask the bank to authorize our merchant ID. After you\\\’ve verified one or all of the above with your card issuing bank, then please try again.

Thank you for choosing EMDR Consulting to help you integrate EMDR into your clinical practice.

EMDR Training: 5-Day Intensive

Private Practitioner/For-Profit:

EMDR Training: 5-Day Intensive
$1395.00 USD

EMDR Training: 5-Day Intensive | 5 Month Payment Option: $1400

includes registration fee of $1395 (plus $5 service and handling fee) at $280/month for 5 months

$280.00 USD

EMDR Training: 5-Day Intensive | Refresher/Update*

*Clinicians seeking to register under the refresher status must submit their EMDR Training Completion Certificate issued by their original training provider in order to prove their eligibility. Please submit to

$495.00 USD

Non-Profit, Community Mental Health, Interns/Students, Veterans, and Active Duty Military:

EMDR Training: 5-Day Intensive

$995.00 USD

EMDR Training: 5-Day Intensive | 5 Month Payment Option: $1000

includes registration fee of $995 (plus $5 service and handling fee) at $200/month for 5 months

$200.00 USD

EMDR Training: 5-Day Intensive | Refresher/Update*

*Clinicians seeking to register under the refresher status must submit their EMDR Training Completion Certificate issued by their original training provider in order to prove their eligibility. Please submit to

$395.00 USD

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