EMDR Training

Enhance Your Practice With EMDR Training
Medical doctors specializing in psychiatry are qualified to enhance their practices with EMDR techniques. EMDR training allows physicians to use these powerful techniques to treat certain types of patients.

Basic EMDR

EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is a psychotherapy technique originally developed by Francine Shapiro. It identifies root causes of psychopathology in the form of disturbing memories. EMDR can alleviate symptoms from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) or other traumatic experiences that remain unresolved. It encompasses the following goals:

  • Process disturbing memories
  • Reduce the lingering effects of traumatic experiences
  • Develop adaptive coping mechanisms in patients

Correlation of Traumatic Experiences and Eye Movements

During the development of EMDR, Shapiro realized that when she herself experienced a disturbing thought, her eyes began moving involuntarily. Although she initially supposed that the movement was an indicator, dependent on the psychological state, she found that she could use a process similar to biofeedback. If she controlled the eye movement symptom, she could reduce the impact of the disturbing thought.

The Eight Phases of the EMDR Protocol

  • Phase I: History and treatment planning
  • Phase II: Processing
  • Phase III: Assessment
  • Phase IV: Desensitization
  • Phase V: Installation
  • Phase VI: Body scan
  • Phase VII: Closure
  • Phase VIII: Reevaluation

The diagnosis portion of the protocol occurs in the first three phases. It starts when the clinician measures eye movement during 15-30 second sessions while the patient concentrates on the disturbing memory.

Phases four and five begin the treatment. During this time, the therapist follows a regimen of bilateral gestures which the patient follows with his or her eyes. This continues until the patient’s initial anxiety is reduced.

The final phases involve concluding a particular session, and then preparing for the following session, knowing that many sessions may be required to bring relief to the patient.

We Can Get You Started

EMDR is now endorsed in the Practice Guidelines of the APA (American Psychiatric Association). We at EMDR Consulting can provide EMDR training to allow you to use this groundbreaking treatment. Submit a copy of your state license to practice, and let us provide you with your training options.

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