Basic Training Consultation FAQs

All EMDRIA approved training courses must include 10 hrs of consultation.

Are the fees for consultation included in the training course fee?

EMDR Consulting’s EMDR Training Course registration fee includes the 10 hours of group consultation.

Out of EMDR Consulting’s registration fee, how much is designated for consultation?

EMDR Consulting has set the consultation fee at $25 per hour, i.e., a total of $250 of your course registration fee is earmarked for the 10 hours of consultation.

Do all EMDR Consulting’s consultants adhere to that fee?

Yes. Consultants working for EMDR Consulting have agreed to provide consultation for $25 per person, per hour, based upon a group of 4 participants per 1 hour consultation session.

Do all training courses include the consultation fees?

NO, unfortunately, many of the well-known, national training organizations do not include the consultation fees as part of their registration fee.

Do other training organizations set the fee their consultants are going to charge.

Some may, some may not. Many organizations allow their consultants to set their own fee.

If the consultant is setting their own fees, what are they charging?

That’s an important question. We have heard of consultants charging $40 per person or more for the consultation, potentially adding $400 or more to the published cost of their training. We’d suggest checking with the training organization and/or the designated consultants you are considering to confirm their consultation fees.

Do I have to take all my hours of consultation with EMDR Consulting’s consultants?

Yes. EMDR Consulting is responsible for your learning EMDR and how to integrate it into your clinical practice. Our training approach includes many updated techniques/approaches that others do not. As such, we want you to receive consultation consistent with our EMDR approach.

How many clinicians are present in a group consultation session?

EMDRIA requires that each clinician attending a group consultation session be afforded the opportunity to present/question for a minimum of 15 minutes.

1 hour group consultation: maximum of 4 participants

1.5 hour group consultation: maximum of 6 participants

2.0 hours of group consultation: maximum of 8 participants

2.5 hours of group consultation: maximum of 10 participants

Do group consultation sessions need to be face-to-face?

No. Group consultation may be face-to face, telephone group conference calls, Skype, and other distance learning venues.

Do I have to take all my consultation hours with the same consultant?

No. We actually suggest that you receive consultation from several consultants, as each will have their own strengths and ways of helping you integrate EMDR into your clinical practice.

Is there a required amount of time to complete the 10 hours of consultation?

Yes. EMDRIA has set the requirement that the 10 hours of consultation be completed within 2 years from the first day you began your EMDR Training.

Does EMDR Consulting have any consultation requirements such as how many hours need to be completed between Parts 1 & 2?

No. We believe that you are responsible for your own learning at the pace that best suits your needs. Having said that, we do suggest having a couple of consultation sessions between Part 1 and Part 2 so you can get additional feedback/clarification of how you can integrate EMDR into your clinical practice and how to best to use it with your existing clients.

Do all training organizations follow this philosophy?

No. Some training organizations require the clinician complete 5 hours of consultation between their two weekends/parts of the training. 

Another point to clarify with other training organizations.

What if I take the 5-day intensive? How does consultation work then?

The 5-day intensive training presents Parts 1 and 2 back-to-back; therefore, all your consultation session will occur after you have completed the 5 days of training. Otherwise, everything else is the same.

How do I go about scheduling my consultation hours?

You schedule through our Consultation Sign Up Page. On this page, you can view each consultant’s specialty areas and click on their SignUp Genius links to schedule your hours. This page is password-protected. You can find the password on our Participant’s Page under the During section, #4.

Please note: you do not need a personal login to access either page. The password for the Participant’s Page is emailed to you when you register, and we include it again in a reminder email, which is sent a week before the training. Each page has a separate password.

What if I want a 1-1 consultation session. Will that cost extra?

Yes. EMDR Consulting will cover $25 of any consultation session. If you want a 1-1 session, the remainder of the fee the consultant charges will be your responsibility to pay directly to that consultant.

Is there any price range regarding what a consultant may charge?

EMDR Consulting, due to interstate commerce laws, is not able to set an fee or fee range consultants charge for their individual session.

What if I have to cancel a session?

We follow a 24 hour cancellation policy.

What if I forget/no-show? Will I be billed?

Yes, you may. The consultant may bill you for your missed session at the $25 per hour rate. Your no-show will not be deducted from your pre-paid consultation fees. You will be responsible for paying those out-of-pocket.

Certificates of Course Completion will not be issued until all out-standing fees have been paid.

How do I record my consultation hours?

After each consultation session, put the date, time, and consultant’s name/initials on the sign-off sheet provided in the back of your training manual.

What if I’m consulting over the phone or Skype? How do I record those consultation sessions?

For these sessions, you may write the consultants name/initials on the sign-off sheet.

Do the EMDR Training Course consultation hours apply toward certification?

No, these hours are part of the training course. If you decide to become certified, that is a separate process.

See EMDRIA Certification in EMDR (click here)

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