Approved Consultant in EMDR

EMDRIA’s EMDR Approved Consultant

Approved Consultant Criteria

The applicant for the designation of EMDRIA Approved Consultant must meet the following criteria:

1) EMDRIA Approved Training:

2) License/Certification:.

3) Do you have at least three years experience after completing an EMDRIA approved Training program?

Applicants MUST have the minimum 3 years experience after completion of the EMDR Training.

4)  Have you conducted at least 300 EMDR sessions with at least 75 clients? A You can write out the statement as it is written, “I have conducted at least 300 EMDR sessions with at least 75 clients”, or something similar and then have it notarized.

5) Have you received 20 hours of consultation-of-consultation by an Approved Consultant in EMDR?* Then you will need to obtain documentation from the Approved Consultant(s) you received your consultation-of-consultation from, verifying the number of hours you have received from him/her and how many of those hours were individual consultation and how many were group consultation. 

Click here for EMDR Consulting’s list of Approved Consultants:

*PLEASE NOTE: Only consultation hours received AFTER becoming a Certified Therapist can be applied towards this requirement*

6) Attach letter or letter(s) of recommendation from one or more Approved Consultant(s) in EMDR, regarding the quality of your consultation in EMDR to others.

7) Attach two letters of recommendation regarding your professional utilization of EMDR in clinical practice, consultation abilities, ethics in practice, and professional character. These can be obtained from colleagues or peers.

8) Attach certificates of completion of 12 hours of EMDRIA Credits (continuing education in EMDR).

EMDR Consulting’s Umbrella

Approved Consultant Certification

Once a clinician has become Certified in EMDR, they are eligible to begin the Approved Consultant

EMDR Consulting has several options available for those seeking to become Approved Consultants.

Consultant-in-Training Program

One of our most effective programs in helping develop EMDR in communities is to have  Certified.

Contact Roy at for more details.